2013 Maine State Employees Salaries

Employee Year Job Title Department Salary Profile
Geoffrey A Rushlau 2013 District Attorney Attorney General/Legal 99,816.00 Profile
Carletta M Bassano 2013 District Attorney Attorney General/Legal 99,816.00 Profile
Jennifer A Trimble 2013 Physician III Health 99,514.00 Profile
Carlisle J Mclean 2013 Governor's Special Assistant Governor's Office 99,394.00 Profile
Dale J Denno 2013 Director Office Integrated Access/Support Social/Human Services 99,282.00 Profile
Derek D Davidson 2013 Director Consumer Assistance Board/Commission Members 99,054.00 Profile
Gerald T Reid 2013 Director Alcohol Beverage/Lottery Operations Administrative & Financial Services 98,811.00 Profile
Valerie Seaberg 2013 Public Service Executive II Education 97,966.00 Profile
Eric J Bryant 2013 Senior Counsel Other 97,758.00 Profile
Leanne Robbin 2013 Assistant Attorney General Attorney General/Legal 97,661.00 Profile
Michael P Roberts 2013 Assistant District Attorney Attorney General/Legal 97,647.00 Profile
John C Rohde 2013 General Counsel Board/Commission Members 97,550.00 Profile
Kathleen M Newman 2013 Governor's Special Assistant Governor's Office 97,541.00 Profile
James E Rier Jr 2013 Deputy Commissioner Education Education 97,362.00 Profile
Agnes Gormley 2013 Senior Counsel Other 96,926.00 Profile
Jonathan Wayne 2013 Public Service Executive II Board/Commission Members 96,880.00 Profile
Guy R Cousins 2013 Director Office of Substance Abuse Services Social/Human Services 95,937.00 Profile
Therese Cahill-Low 2013 Director Office of Child/Family Services Social/Human Services 95,516.00 Profile
Linda H Lord 2013 State Librarian Library 95,268.00 Profile
Douglas E Cotnoir 2013 Public Service Executive II Administrative & Financial Services 95,146.00 Profile
Jody L Breton 2013 Associate Commissioner for Legislative & Programs Services Corrections 95,080.00 Profile
Laura M O'hanlon 2013 Chief of Court Management Courts 94,948.00 Profile
Joyce A Oreskovich 2013 Director Human Resources Administrative & Financial Services 94,938.00 Profile
Eric A Cioppa 2013 Superintendent Insurance Other 94,818.00 Profile
Joseph H Ostwald 2013 Public Service Manager III Administrative & Financial Services 94,422.00 Profile